# Getting Started

Introducing Theme Packer! A modern toolset for developing Shopify themes heavily inspired by the now deprecated Slate (opens new window).

# Installation

Run the following command:

yarn create theme-packer-theme ./path/to/theme
# or if you prefer npm
npx create-theme-packer-theme ./path/to/theme

# Connecting to your store

Create a .env file with the following keys:

# The store-name.myshopify.com url of your store

# The ID of theme you wish to develop on/deploy to

# The API key allowing Themekit to modify your theme

You might also wish to add the following:

# A file used as ignorelist

# Provide a name for your environment. This will be displayed by ThemeKit

# Start developing

Run Theme Packer in watch mode with:

yarn watch
# or if you prefer npm
npm run watch

# Deploying your store theme

To deploy your theme run:

yarn deploy
# or if you prefer npm
npm run deploy